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I'm searching for peace. Circular centering of simplicity unites blend of colors into white. In my work on the wheel, I use the power of turning to shape minimalist, plain, organic forms that are built at the moment. The changes apply to me are embodied in the differences between object and object. It intrigues me to explore the tension and balance of the incessant movement, embedded in the matter, completes itself through our eyes in the ended piece, contrary to the fragility and rigidity in which.

I perceive the space as an integral part of the making and the relationship between it and the object as illuminating concealed perspectives. Time and place design every old concept as new while I learn and grow from each move. In any step of the path I chose, I resume my way from the start.

Photo: Moran Yakir

Born in Israel  
Lives and works in Beer-Sheba 


2020-2023     MAAT, "Kibbutzim" College of Education, Technology and the Arts, Art Therapy program
2008-2017     BFA, “Bezalel”, Art & Design Academy, Ceramic and Glass Department, Jerusalem 
2015               Exchange student, “Gerrit Rietveld Academy”, Amsterdam 
2012-2014     Art diploma, Graduate with excellence, Tel-Hai Art Institute, ceramic department 

Group Exhibitions

2023               The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design 2023: What Is the Measure of Man? MUSA, The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv
2022               Between heaven and earth, The Other Side gallery, Tel-Hai
2020               The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design 2020: First Person. Second Nature. MUSA, The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv
2019               The 14th International Biennial of Ceramics. Manises ceramics museum, Valencia, Spain
                        Cluster Crafts, Ugly Duck, London
2018               Disruption, Vitrina Gallery, Holon

                        Gala night, Tollman's, Herzliya 
2017               Inside out, B.Y 5 gallery, Tel- Aviv 
                        Graduate exhibition, “Bezalel”, Art & design academy, Jerusalem 
                        Glimpse, "Binyamini" ceramic center, Tel-Aviv 
                        The Space as Possible, Rehabilitation center for IDF disabled, Jaffa 
                        Pottery jam,  Group performance, "Binyamini" ceramic center, Tel-Aviv 
2016               Non-Contagious Exhibition, "Hansen" design center, Jerusalem 
                        This Is Not Europe, "Incubator" gallery, "Bezalel", Jerusalem 
2015               Future Archeology, "Binyamini" ceramic center, Tel-Aviv 
2014               Vase, "Siman Sheela" gallery, Kibbutz Amir 
                        Graduate exhibition, Tel-Hai Art Institute 

Special Projects

2023               The International Ceramics Symposium 2023. The Givat Haviva Shared Art Center
2020-2022     Head of the Crafts department. The school for traditional-contemporary arts, Kulna, Yeruhem
2019               Member of "HaHamama" group. Bat Yam Design Terminal, the "OutBox" non-profit organization

Awards and Grants

2019               Finalist. The 14th International Biennial of Ceramics. Manises ceramics museum, Valencia, Spain
2017               Winner of the 10x10 award for an outstanding final project, “Bezalel” academy, Jerusalem 
                        Winner of the "Helter" prize for an outstanding work in ceramics, “Bezalel” academy, Jerusalem 
                        Winner of the "Schneidinger" foundation scholarship, “Bezalel” academy, Jerusalem 
2014               "Heim" foundation scholarship for an excellent graduate in ceramics, Geneva, Switzerland 
2013               Excellence scholarship, Tel-Hai Art Institute 

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