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Touch wood: 10 young designers who made lemonade from lemon in 2020. LEGIT magazine, Noam Ben-Zvi. 7.1.21 (Hebrew)

Welcome 2021: We open 2021 with 21 products from local designers that are worth getting to know. Design today magazine, Ori Sella. 6.1.21 (Hebrew)

Sketching in space. Einat Kayless Argaman, 'DESIGN / BREAK' blog, 2.12.20 (English)

In constant movement. Interview by Irit Biran, 'Now Pottery' blog, 6.8.20 (Hebrew)

White works. B-blog, 6.8.20 (Hebrew)

Tel Aviv crafts and design biennale Catalog. B-blog, Kobi Levi, 16.8.20 (Hebrew)

Circles Circles Circles. Interview by May Rosenblum, 'The Lucky Bitch' blog, 7.1.20 (English)

300 approached, 16 were accepted: meet the members of the new group at the Bat-Yam design terminal. X-net magazine, Sigal Namir. 20.10.19 (Hebrew)

Graduates 2017: Bezalel, Ceramics and Glass Design. Portfolio magazine, Maya Or, 16.8.17 (Hebrew)

Graduates 2017: Contemporary design, between technology and technology. Portfolio magazine, Merav Rahat, 7.8.17 (Hebrew)

Ceramics is not just a toilet. Saloona blog, Inbar Shahak, 23.7.17 (Hebrew)

"Non Contagious Exhibition" at Hansen certainly pinches. DesignZoom magazine, Sigal Namir, 26.6.16 (Hebrew)

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