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Body of Work | 2017

I'm trying to express femininity. Its beauty, softness, and power. The ring surrounds me and I am represented in the space opened inside of it. A self-portrait in porcelain. 

With Intuition and throwing skills, I'm creating a memory of movement and imprinting my hands in clay, my body. One gesture, a sweep of porcelain in space. I'm looking for harmony between object and space, object and body. Simplicity is a major part of the process. The shape is basic, the material is pure and the color is clean. 

Porcelain ring. Drawing in space. biggest one is a 1.5-meter diameter, I had to customize a special pottery wheel. Also had to design and built a unique kiln in which I can fire them all to 1200 degrees. This technical process became one of the biggest achievements of this project. 



To learn more about the kiln and the firing the process click here  


wheel thrown porcelain I reduction firing in a self-built wood and gas kiln

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